Owen Scott Hints and tips for finding the right Tailor

Ask the tailor where the cloth is woven.

Ask if the suit is half canvas or full canvas. If half canvassed the bare minimum requirement is for the suit to have a “padded lapeI”. If the suit is nor half or full canvas then it will simply be a fused garment, in laymens terms “ very basic with no body”

Ask how many fittings you will have. A good tailor will want to see you at least 3 times, minimum.

Ask how long  it takes. Be sure from the start if you are on a tight schedule. Bespoke is a skill ( usually six  to ten weeks in my experience).

Ask as many questions about the style of your suit as you want. With bespoke anything should be possible, as it will be cut and styled especially for you. If there’s a problem I would have my suspicions.

And finally if there’s no connection with your tailor DON’T  order the suit. If he/she can’t picture your vision, find a tailor who can. A good tailor just knows and feels what it is you’re looking for.

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